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Matar Paneer – Indian curried peas and cottage cheese

I truly believe in the power of involuntary memory. Sometimes, just the scent, sound or taste of something can have the power to literally transport you to some old memories.
Yesterday, while cooking Mater Paneer after ages, I suddenly found myself transported back to my mom’s kitchen in Delhi. She has always been my inspiration in the kitchen, and her cooking is legendary in our household. This was the very first dish that I remember cooking with her for my dad’s birthday.

Mattar paneer is a delectable combination of soft green peas and cottage cheese cooked in a creamy curry paste… caramelized onions and tomatoes cooked with garam masalas and then counter-balancing those flavors with cilantro and a dash of cream.

The cornerstone of this recipe is the curry paste. You can prep the curry paste for this ahead of time to make it a more week-night friendly. I make the curry paste first, then typically add things to it. You can serve it over rice, or with a side of naan or flatbread.