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Croissants Glaced With Honey & Orange Zest Syrup

One of our weekend rituals include a visit to Wolves café in Illovo - a less formal place with an amazing collection of coffee table books. We usually have our Sunday brunches there after a good walk in farmers market. It offers some of the best Mushroom raviolis, peri peri chutney sandwiches, freshly baked croissants and not to forget raspberry cupcakes.
This recipe of mine is inspired by the honey glazed croissants that we had few weeks back. The batch that I baked looks nothing like what we had but it’s an honest attempt of mine to make puff pâtisserie at home. I’m no pastry chef and this recipe made me realize that how precise and careful one should be when it comes to making pastries. But definitely tastes pretty decent and flaky (maybe beginner's luck!)

Unbleached cake flour 450 gm Salted butter (room temperature) 150 gm Powdered sugar 5 teaspoons Milk 150 ml Instant yeast 2 teaspoons Salt 1 teaspoon Honey 150 gm
Orange zest 7-8 teaspoons
Directions For making the dough • S…

Cheedar Cheese Filled Rolls

It’s raining here again... so it was perfect for me to bake again. In the past, I’ve had my share of baking failures but I’ve moved on. After a quick scan, I found that I had all the ingredients for making some simple cheese filled rolls.
I truly loved my baking experience as I saw the rolls raising up and turning golden. My kitchen turned into a small bakery and loved all the aromas.


All-purpose flour 2 cups

Active dry yeast 1 envelope (about 2 teaspoons)

Olive oil 1/2 cup

Cheddar cheese (shredded) ½ cup

Salt to taste

Sugar 1 teaspoon

Lukewarm water1/2 cup


• Pour some lukewarm water in a small bowl and dissolve active yeast and sugar in it.

• Let this mixture stand for 10 minutes until foamy.

• In a large mixing bowl mix flour, salt, olive oil and the yeast mixture.

• Mix all the ingredients to make a soft dough. Use water if required.

• Cover the dough with plastic wrap for almost 2hrs for the dough to rise.

• Punch the dough onto a lightly floured surface to re…