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Vegetable Galettes with Vegetable Upma

Has it really been a month since I posted last? Ok, I blew it AGAIN! But there were few major reasons that kept me busy around. I also hope that my readers will go easy on me when I say that food blogging was down on my list of things. This time, there is no false promise of being regular but an honest try to post recipes when I can and always the best ones.

Also, one of my loyal readers and a very dear friend suggested that the looks of Vegetarian Zest were slightly unattractive. I could feel an increasing urge to revamp it and hence here is the result. I would love to read more feedbacks on this one.

Usually the mornings are good for oats or fruits. But lately we realized that I don’t cook enough of? South Indian breakfast. Hubby keeps talking about his mum’s south Indian recipes and complains that I never try. It’s not that I don’t like to cook south Indian recipes; I just find the process very lengthy. Anyway, today was a gorgeous day that we had sun come out. We decided to sit do…